We are creating a community of like-minded folks who inspire each other to live and thrive with a sense of presence. Come join us!

Young woman with backpack sitting on cliff and looking to a sky

Together, we explore what it means to be present not only in body and mind but also through the feeling and spiritual dimensions of our being. As we assist one another in practicing presence,  we enrich each other’s experience of this gift called “life”.

How do we do this?

  • By exchanging ideas that help us live from our depths.
  • By making meaningful connections each other, the world around us, and the presence that resides within.   
  • By sharing insights and daily practices that lift our spirits, calm our nervous systems, and gradually awaken us to our true natures.

You are invited to join in the conversation and to blog responsibly and respectfully. Some days you may just want to lurk quietly, but you are encouraged to say “hi!” occasionally and make yourself known to us!

Happy blogging!


Note:  This site is not affiliated with any religion.  However, its language and intentions do favor a celebration of universal truths and the acknowledgment of the divine in all things.