pic-girl smiling eyes closedThe list below is from Stepping Into Presence, Chapter 20, “Resonating with the Qualities of Presence”.

 When we explore the qualities of Presence, we have access to more bliss, a stronger intuitive sense, and a deeper sense of divine connection.

Try closing your eyes while reading each line, paying attention to how each quality resonates inside you.

Nine Qualities of Presence

1. Clarity: seeing things as they are and accepting that all is as it should be.

2. Humility: loving the divine in everything and everyone, including ourselves.

3. Stillness: receiving life without effort, while meeting others with compassion.

4. Equanimity: feeling the pure peace that arises from the depths of our being.

5. Unity: sensing our connectedness with the universal web of life.

6. Support: experiencing the inner guidance and the holding of the Divine.

7. Timelessness: trusting life to spontaneously unfold without expectations.

8. Surrender: living from our innocence and our oneness with Pure Being.

9. Aliveness: experiencing divine energy and expressing the True Self.

The prayer below, also from Chapter 20, is another way to experience the qualities of Presence. Each statement correlates with one of the qualities. You can use it to help you attune to your higher nature at any time of the day, but it is especially beneficial at the start or finish of the day.

pic-girl praying eyes closedWhile saying this prayer, it is most effective when you try to be aware of the four dimensions of human experience (STEP:  Spiritual, Thinking, Emotional, Physical).  Sense a connection to the divine (Spirit), mentally focus on the present and on the inner experience (Thinking), stay open, with an attitude of love and acceptance (Emotional), and sense into your body (Physical).

Daily Prayer

In this moment, I acknowledge Divine order. All is as it should be.

 The divine in me recognizes the good in this moment and the divine in everyone.

With an open heart, I see with the soft eyes of compassion. As I receive the light of others, my own inner light brightens naturally.

Reaching into my depths, I connect with Essence. I sense, watch, and wonder about what is emerging now.

Extending outward, sensing my connection to the web of creation, I know that I am both the wave and the ocean.

Rooted within my being, I rest securely in the arms of the universe as I am protected, nurtured, and directed.

In this place of No Time, joy bubbles up from my soul, and I allow life to unfold in wondrous ways.

From a state of Surrender, I am in contact with Pure Being, and with my childlike innocence, my vitality, and my immortal nature.

Peace and aliveness nourish my soul, as I stand with calm and go forth with purpose and zeal.