Whenever I am facing a stressful situation, Presence is always the best medicine. Lately, with changes in the political landscape ratcheting up the tension in the environment, I have relied on practicing presence even more. So I decided it was time to simplify my usual technique of visiting each of the Nine Qualities of Presence in my mind so that it is even more powerful and easy to use.

Now, instead of going down the list of the nine qualities and feeling the resonance of each one inside my body-mind, I have divided them up in into three groups. I call the three groups Heart, Mind, and Soul.

First, the Heart group: Inviting a sense of Humility into my heart, I ask to be filled with unconditional Love for everyone and every condition in my life, especially those posing a challenge to me. I sit in stillness and imagine that my heart is so full of Compassion for the world, including myself, that I need do nothing more in this moment but wait in the stillness to receive the blessings of the Divine. I imagine that no matter what happens to me, I remain balanced in Equanimity, and filled with to my depths with peace and tranquility.

Second, the Mind group: I remind myself to come into the present, leaving behind all worries and regrets, to merge into the ocean of the Divine Mind. Only in the Mind of God can I truly find safety, joy, and inspiration. In this state of Timelessness, all my needs are already met. I delight in a sense of Unity and connectedness as I sit snugly in the web of God’s creation. Here is where I have access to the Inner Guide, which speaks to me before I have even formulated my question, from the Mind of God.

Third, the Soul group: Entering into a state of awe for the Power that breathes me and gives me life, I sense the divine energy that pulses through my body. I frolic in the energy and innocence of Pure Beingness and sense the truth of my immortal nature and its indestructibility. I love the buoyancy it gives me and the effervescent feel it leaves in my body. I am comforted in the instinctive knowing that ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE, that life is perfect just the way it is. Taking everything as it is, this was the only possible outcome. It is time to have faith in the Divine Plan.

As I sit in the experience of each of these groups of spiritual resources, I allow each one to guide me and to inspire me in whatever way my current needs require. If I have been too judgmental, I stay in Humility a little longer. If I have felt vulnerable, I frolic in the sense of my Immortal Nature. If I have been railing against a harsh reality, I explore the idea of Perfection, that “All is as it should be”. If I feel a heightened sense of separation, I feel myself sitting snugly in the Web of Creation. If I am worried or confused about a decision I have to make, I enter into the unified consciousness of Divine Mind and listen for messages from the Inner Guide. If I have been much too busy and in my head, I might relish the sense of Timelessness that the experience of Presence gifts me.

I hope you too can receive a greater sense of peace, unity, and strength from accessing your own Heart, Mind, and Soul qualities.

Heart, Mind, and Soul: Our Resources for Challenging Times

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