All is as it should be, and it is all good.

Humbly, I honor the divine in you and the divine within me. I acknowledge the divine in all things.

From the stillness of my Being, I greet the world through the soft eyes of Compassion.

Tranquility springs from the depths of my Soul, the source of my true identity.

I am both the wave and the ocean, connected to all creation.

I look to the Inner Guide to the light my path.

I trust in the natural flow of life and experience a quiet contentment.

I am Pure Being, and I surrender to the Power that breathes me.

I am in tune with my deepest yearning, that which satisfies and fulfills the very Essence of Who I Am. I am singing the song of my soul.

[These statements are a part of my daily practice, and each one contains the essence of one of the qualities of Presence. Closing my eyes, I affirm each one as I  take time to receive, reflect, feel, and sense into my body. Afterward, I am humming with the Energy of Yes, and I feel refreshed, integrated, optimistic, and present.]

A Practice for Daily Liberation and Fulfillment

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