On this very important election day, I am posting this to remind myself and all of us of the one thing we ALL have in common. We are all alive through no action or will of our own. Life is breathed into us every moment by the Divine. We all originate from the same Source. Essentially, that makes us related whether we like it or not!

I want to share this poem from my book, Stepping Into Presence. It’s actually just a simple prayer at the end of the fifteenth chapter, “Acknowledging the Sacredness of Life”.


Great Spirit,

Awaken me to the awareness

That I am alive!

Each moment,

The magnificent unseen Force

That energizes and organizes

every cell of my body

Beats my heart.

The Creator and Sustainer of all life,

Breathes me now

And reveals Itself in the eyes

Of every soul I meet.

May we all go forth with Presence and greet one another with love today!

On Being Breathed by the Divine

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