aware-1207669_640Today I am reminding myself that it is not necessary to languish in negativity no matter how much I disagree with choices being made by others. This is true even when I deem those choices immoral, reprehensible, or potentially harmful. It is energy draining, and one negative thought or feeling simply begets another, and another. And soon I am sliding down the slippery slope of bitterness and resistance, the Energy of No.

Even the most positive minded people need to discipline their minds to remain open and uplifted, functioning in the Energy of Yes. As for me, I decided I needed an injection of positivity to put the spring back in my step.

This exercise from Chapter 5 of Stepping Into Presence might just do it for me. I like to use it whenever I find myself sliding. Perhaps you will find it helpful too.

 “Transforming Fear Through the Energy of Yes

  • Begin by sitting quietly and meditating on something empowering.

Think about an event in your life or an achievement that brought you

great satisfaction. Alternatively, you may think of someone who loves

you unconditionally or someone you feel very connected to.

  • Feel the positive feelings. Once you have the positive thought in mind,

sit comfortably and allow the pleasant feelings and sensations associated

with those positive and loving thoughts to register in your body. You

may feel tingling, effervescence, warmth, lightness, spaciousness, or

bliss—or any combination of the above.

  • Overall we are looking for a Yes feeling—a state of blissful expansion.

If you have sensations of anxiety or tension, allow the positive and

expansive sensations to grow and spread until they are more noticeable

than the stressful and constrictive ones.”


These days I make a point to include in my thoughts those things I love best about my world —  all kinds of trees from giant redwoods to coconut palm to oaks, the way my grandchild adores all living things from puppies and kittens to dragonflies and lizards, the coral reef in Key Largo, going to the movies, road trips, and chocolate covered almonds.

Feel free to have fun with this!


Recharging With Positive Thoughts and Memories

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