There are so many forces active today which exist to get us reacting emotionally and add to our fear. They use their persuasion so they can control the agenda.
We don’t have to be a victim, though. Interestingly, the battle plan starts with self-understanding. If we know ourselves, we can see how our mental weak points, the negative beliefs that we often fixate on, create fear in us. Outside forces with their own agendas count on us staying oblivious to the power of fear. They want us to resonate with beliefs that keep fear alive by obsessing fastidiously over minute details. It doesn’t matter if those beliefs are based on reality or not. These forces just want a specific result, such as the boss’s favoritism, revenge on a neighbor through character assassination, the promotion of a commercial product, or to win an election.
Let’s say we are confronted with false information but we fall for it and take it in as a “false belief”. Chances are we resonate with it because some part of it is a trigger for us — much like when we quickly believe the juicy gossip about someone who hurt us in the past. We perseverate on what was said, stirring up emotion and integrating this false belief into our mindset, Resonating with fearful statements made by someone else amps up our own fear.
The formula is something like this:
A certain belief creates a state of fear in us, which predisposes us to be a little trigger happy.
Feeling our vulnerability, we naturally want certainty so we can feel safer. It is the need for certainty (and sadly sometimes entertainment, but that’s whole other topic) that causes us to loosen our discernment and allow in a “false belief”, one that promises to identify the enemy. Yes, that is the culprit. There is something satisfying about thinking we know something, even if we don’t.
However, false beliefs cannot sustain themselves. As soon as light is shed on them, they lose their structure and their solidity. They need the constant reinforcement of other false beliefs and anything that can pass for evidence that the right culprit has already been identified. No need to look closer (and risk the loss of safety and certainty the false belief promises). Therefore, maintaining false beliefs creates more need to resonate with the fear promoted by the false belief. This contributes to an ever more fearful mindset.
The fearful mindset, with the never-ending need to pin the blame on something, is a major factor in the social unrest in our country and the chaos ensuing in the world at large. The world over, fear and uncertainty keep people of all races, religions, nationalities, and ideologies from behaving with composure and treating others respect and compassion.
To reduce our fear, we must first be aware that every messenger has an agenda, whether conscious or not, and it might not align with our own.  Through the messenger, even when that messenger sounds credible and says things that we like, a lie can easily find its way into our minds as part of a idea or belief that we already find acceptable. For example, while it is true that feeding our children “wholesome” food is a good idea, we must be careful not to be vulnerable to the advertisers’ assurance of “wholesomeness” as they try to sell us cupcakes, hydrogenated peanut butter, and drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.
Living from a secure mindset of Presence, we need to be discerning about what we decide to take in as truth. We need not be a victim of our own fears at the behest of someone else’s unwholesome agenda. First, let’s make sure we have the facts straight, and maybe even check out Snopes or do our own research.  When someone spouts something that incenses or irritates us, we should step back and try to see the situation objectively and compassionately. We can say a prayer, go to our happy place or to our zen-like state, ask What would Jesus do?, or we can STEP into Presence. 
Next time we sense emotions flaring or hear someone or something denigrated, it is of utmost importance that we respond calmly, wisely, and consciously with compassion instead of automatically taking the bait hook, line, and sinker. Let us keep our fears in check by going within first and connecting with the security, objectivity, and loving direction of our own Inner Guide. Let us always align ourselves with compassion, wisdom, and truth, and not intolerance, conjecture and criticism. That way, we all win.
Battling Persuasion with Wisdom and Compassion

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