Busy honeybee collecting nectar in beautiful pink flower

There’s something about the word aliveness that captures my enthusiasm and engages my spirit. If I tune in to the aliveness of the universe around me, I become aware of the constant flow of energy that plays like a symphony and the natural intelligence that keeps everything in equilibrium. Contemplating aliveness gets me out of my head and into the sensory world, awakening me to feel the unrelenting pulsing of life force coursing through my own body.  It invites me to experience nature with all my senses through the swishing of tree leaves , the warmth of the sun, and the taking in of air. I love to appreciate the smell of wild onions and dirt, the spicy sweetness of purple basil blossoms, and the “bvvvit” and “bzzz” sounds that accompany dragonfly acrobatics. The endless diversity of life provides for me a never-ending show. Sensing aliveness causes me to resonate with the deepest parts of myself, to allow impulses to emerge, to move my body when it needs to move, and to awaken me to dream when I might otherwise sleep.

Word for the Day: “Aliveness”

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