It’s good practice to go out and meet the day with a particular focus that keeps your mind positive and your spirit uplifted. Today I decided that I would focus on the word “relish”. It’s an active word that goes beyond “acceptance”, which is a pretty awesome word too. If I go out into the day with the intention of relishing whatever comes to me in my day, this sets me up to find something good in every situation.

In some situations, this will be easy to do. In my neck of the woods, I  have wading egrets, tri-colored herons, and roseate spoonbills to relish.  Right in my back yard, the crepe myrtles and yellow thryallis are blooming, and I have four kinds of basil growing nicely in pots. There is a tomato just turning ripe, and I will probably relish some fresh-picked okra, which I recently learned is pretty good raw! Whether or not I see my grandson today, I can still relish thoughts of him creeping along the floor as one of his made-up hybrid creatures, like the alien tentacled salamander.

Later today, when I am stuck in traffic, sweeping up the dog hair in the living room, or answering yet another call from a scammer claiming to represent the IRS, the ability to relish may be a little less apparent at first. Perhaps I can feel grateful I have the ability to drive, move my body, and speak — and relish the fact! Actually, nothing is stopping me from taking the opportunity to be in awe of the fact that I am literally being breathed (I’m certainly not doing it consciously) by a Power that is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps then I can remember how much power I have simply because I have been give the gift of free will and I can choose in each moment to be grateful, to be in awe, or just to laugh at how this magical symphony of activity and endless creativity is going on all around me and within me. Nonstop.

I can relish the thought that someone might read this and get an even better idea about how to relish life as it comes. I can’t wait to hear from you!

A Word for Today: “Relish”

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