pic-man under dark cloudsThese days, in light of recent political developments, repeated reports of terrorist attacks, and concern about climate changes, many people are worried about the future of our planet and the welfare of our civilization as we know it. That is some pretty heavy stuff to think about, and that is in addition to the dramas we have conjured up for ourselves on our own.

From another perspective, some of the most difficult and tumultuous times in my life have ended up being a doorway into more calm and a deeper connection with those intuitive faculties that I call the Inner Guide. This results out of sheer necessity as I have to connect more internally just to get through these toughest of times and maintain functionality. All this has me thinking about just how I have managed to get through emotional struggles in the past, pulling from my arsenal for coping with high levels of stress. Today I will share the one that has been the biggest help.

As usual, I always start with STEP-ping into Presence.  STEP is the acronym for the Spiritual, Thinking, Emotional, and Physical aspects of our being. I begin by stopping my thought process and going within to connect with the Divine, the spiritual aspect. I do this with the intention of touching into a sense of awe and humility for the fact that this very moment my body is literally being breathed for me by a Presence and a Power beyond my comprehension.

As I simply acknowledge this Power, I try to keep my thinking on my inner experience and what is going on  right in front of me. If I can, I try to surrender my thoughts to that Power, and just listen.

On an emotional level, I try to maintain a sense of appreciation for this divine Presence, as well as a sense of open-ness to what is happening for me in this moment, even if what is happening is frightening to me in my more limited mindset. If I can summon it, I try to resonate with Love, but truthfully I am not always able to transcend my limited mindset when I am in fear. However, I have found that it is worth the effort to try. Just inviting in Love has amazing transformative power.

All the while, I am trying to sense these positive vibrations in the physical body. At the very least, I am feeling my feet on the ground. If I have trouble with feeling a sense of openness and calm in my body, I imagine that the indwelling spirit of the Divine is visiting each body part starting at my head, and filling up every major center until I get to my feet. It goes like this: top of head – center of head, at the the eyebrows – the throat – the heart – the belly button area – the sacral area – the base of the spine – the thighs – the lower legs – the feet.

I have made this simple exercise such a habit that I do it multiple times a day, and even more on days that I am feeling anxious about something. Doing it has helped me discover a deep reservoir of calm that is always there, beneath the transitional storms of my thoughts and emotions. Reconnecting to it never fails to improve my mood, my outlook, and my overall state of being.

The Calm Beneath the Storm

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