You know how it is when you are so busy doing something you love that you lose track of time? Some say that the joy one experiences at such moments is the divine expressing through us. It’s called play.

pic-children playing in ocean

The other day, I was at a local water park with my grandson, and I had plenty of time to notice other people, young and old, at play. I had some magical, blissful moments when I realized, or really I sensed, that the divine was actually experiencing play through many of the people I was watching, as well as through my grandson and me. Looking upon each happy face, I had the thought, “Now the Divine is experiencing joy through that little girl coming down the slide through the spray, now through that mom watching her toddler splash in the water, and now through my grandson pretending to be a dolphin, and now through me.” As I watched and waded, the real epiphany for me was in realizing that I haven’t held play in high enough esteem. I suddenly saw play as a divine opportunity. Through play we serve as a conduit of joy for the Divine expressing through us, and it allows us to channel this joy right back to our Creator and the rest of creation. Perhaps when I deprive myself of play, I am depriving myself rehab therapy for my soul and for the rest of humanity. With sensations of playful presence resonating in me, I am already planning my next play date.

Presence Through Play

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